HR Challenges


There are looming labour shortages and other human resources issues facing the sector. Several labour market trends are impacting the availability and quality of labour in mining - most notably an aging workforce, productivity, and challenges in recruiting new workers to the sector.

To address the skills shortage the mining industry has launched several human resources campaigns aimed at removing stereotypes about working in mining and to promote the advantages of working in this rewarding and exciting industry.  

Many companies have adopted proactive strategies to attract, recruit and retain skilled workers and this will remain a priority over the next decade. Achievements have also been made in diversifying the mining workforce such as recruiting more female workers.

Our mining industry must expand to help meet the growing demand for the metals and industrial minerals required to improve standards of living at home and abroad. Again, we need increasing amounts of skilled people to construct and operate our new mines particularly at a time when many experienced workers are set to retire. This gathering perfect storm will challenge our education system and our industry to find solutions.

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