To support the industry, MINL plays a key role in promoting the province’s mineral potential while supporting prospectors and member companies pursuing emerging and active projects. MINL participates at the local, national and international level. Locally, MINL regularly participates in the Baie Verte Mining Conference, Expo Labrador and the Mineral Resources Review Conference and Trade Show in St. John’s. Nationally, our association is an annual trade show participant at the Vancouver Roundup and the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada Convention and Trade Show.


Since 2004 MINL has hosted an annual international investment conference – the Resource Investors Forum – here in the province. This two-day event showcases MINL members and other firms with NL based projects offering the broader retail and commercial investment audience access to critical project information and the insights of leading asset managers and industry analysts, specifically invited to the forum to offer their views on the state of the industry, markets and the outlook for key NL commodities. The event regularly attracts on average 25 presenting companies and with over 200 key industry stakeholders and investors in attendance.


In recent years, MINL has actively participated in overseas mineral investment attraction events, including the Canada-China Mineral Investment Forum and the China Mining Conference.


MINL maintains a public-private partnership with the Department of Natural Resources in the funding, oversight and management of the Matty Mitchell Prospectors Resource Room (MMR). MMR facilitates the effective delivery of a wide range of joint government-industry initiatives in support of mineral prospecting and development throughout the province. MMR is a unique outreach service for Newfoundland and Labrador prospecting community.


Staffed with a Professional Geologist, MMR provides geoscience expertise, technical advice, an industry connection to the Geological Survey of NL, and trade show and marketing supports to assist a Prospector in developing and presenting their projects to a wider industry audience. Prospectors are a key part of the mineral industry. They are vital to finding new discoveries and mines. World class deposits such as Buchans and Voisey’s Bay would not have happened without the work of prospectors.


Promotion of the province’s mineral potential begins with the front line prospecting community. MMR is an innovative program; an important cooperative venture that is unique in the country and that demonstrates how MINL and government can forge a common interest, working together to advance the mineral sector and economy of the province. 


Visit the room’s official site to learn more.